Interesting Christmas recipes
Necessary ingredients: chicken fillet – 0.5 kg kiwi – 3 PCs boiled eggs – 2 PCs boiled carrots – 2 PCs apples – 2 PCs garlic – 2 zubochka mayonnaise…

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Salads birthday
Salads to the delight of the loved ones and relatives Since the beginning of the creation of a salad called mixed or arranged in layers, a lot of vegetables, fish,…

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Low-fat snacks


While proper nutrition involves eating three times a day, not always the body “experiences” long intervals between meals is normal – more often within a few hours after Breakfast unpleasant feeling of hunger. Is that the desire to eat has not led to a rapid increase in body weight, you need to include in the diet of low-fat snacks – delicious, nutritious and, most importantly, low-calorie.

Low-fat snacks are much healthier foods for “snack” with a high content of sugar or fats – these snacks are digested quickly, which dramatically increases the level of sugar in the blood sugar Level in blood is one of the main indicators of human health . that may backfire even more intense hunger after a very short period of time. In addition, the sharp increase and then an equally sharp drop in blood sugar not only leads to an acute feeling of hunger, but also to unpleasant mood swings, feelings of lethargy, lack of energy. It’s best to control appetite, eating a low-fat snack one to two times daily between meals.

Low-calorie snacks – delicious addition daily diet

The most delicious and healthy low-calorie representatives category “snacking” without a doubt, fresh fruits and nuts (e.g. almonds). One large Apple and five nuts almonds contain only one hundred calories, two peach Peaches: the benefits and harms of solar fruit medium size – seventy-six calories, and one small banana ninety calories. Great lean snack – various fruit salads, fruit and berry yogurt: calories per hundred grams of fruit salad does not exceed one hundred and low-fat yogurt with a handful of blueberries the Benefits and harms of blueberries: health from the forest – snack both tasty and low in calories, and extremely useful (especially for vision). Finely chopped fresh fruit or berries can be mixed with low-fat cottage cheese or natural yoghurt with low fat content.

Low-fat snacks as a way to control your calories

Although it is considered that there should be just three times a day, and increasing the number of meals leads to an increase in the number of consumed calories, it is not always like this “three” diet really helpful. Low-fat snacks help to control the amount of consumed calories, and with a special need – and reduce it: some snacks are so satisfying and nutritious that allows not feel hunger for a long time and easily refuse from lunch or dinner. Thus, the amount consumed per day of calories through low-fat snacks reduced without any detriment to health or well-being.