Main dishes
How to start any lunch? With an appetizer and soup, but it's really only the beginning. But the main course . or as we often call it a "main dish"…

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Quick salads Salad of crab meat with cucumbers jar(0,8) pickled gherkins 3-6 cm; two packs of crab meat (not sticks); curry (seasoning) mayonnaise Cucumbers cut along the strips, exactly the…

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Quick snacks on the holiday table

Many people think that there is nothing easier than preparing holiday snacks. So, if you compare them with the complicated recipe main dishes for the festive table. But when it comes time to be face to face with many different products for interesting snacks on the holiday table, a store of recipes is quite modest.

For some reason, when it comes to quick holiday appetizers, almost all Housewives in the first place recall the sandwiches and salads. Of course, no one will cook for the festive table, sandwiches with bread, sardines and butter, because they cannot be attributed to the festive snacks. Now our souls, or rather stomachs, require new festive snacks that you can whip up. That’s why our cooking  we have created a special section on cooking unusual festive snacks. Collected here are recipes of snacks on the holiday table that will be useful to each housewife. Our festive snacks will be able to adequately decorate any festive table.

Festive meals usually needs to be easily digested, to awaken the appetite and treat a variety of alcoholic drinks. Delicious party snacks is not only a prelude to a hearty dinner. Their purpose is to stimulate the secretion gastric juices needed for normal digestion, which is very important for an upcoming eating more junk food.

In addition, light festive refreshments will slightly satisfy the excessive feeling of hunger of the guests, while the owner fills the festive table the main dishes. Original holiday appetizers should not only be a bright decoration of the festive table, but also timely to highlight the bouquet of an expensive wine at dinner. In this column, where we have gathered for you the best recipes holiday appetizers with , you will learn which one is most suitable to a particular celebration, what recipes the most universal and will appeal to all guests. You will learn how to prepare simple and festive snacks will love these recipes. Dozens of recipes for canapes, tartlets, mini-rolls, mini-pizzas – and it’s not the whole list of festive snacks to whip up the recipes of which we are ready to offer.

On this page, we have gathered for you only the most delicious festive snacks that certainly are worthy to be on your holiday table. Here you will find beautiful festive snacks that will adorn your table and surprise guests. You’ll see, to cook holiday meals very simple. Having different products, you can find all kinds of tasty snacks on the holiday table can be prepared from them.

Be original and welcome your guests with a festive aperitif and appetizer. Use only tested recipes to your meals turned out delicious and beautiful. Cook with us and each time, surprise your guests with original starter from conventional products.

Exotic cuisine in Bali
My moving to Bali was just like in unreal history. I had a stable job that not only I liked but also brought in a good income, personal life was…

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Delicious meat dishes from Moscow restaurants
Meat was, is and will be one of the most important products in the world of gastronomy. Despite the increased popularity of vegetarianism, veganism, syroedstve, as the style of eating…