Main dishes
How to start any lunch? With an appetizer and soup, but it's really only the beginning. But the main course . or as we often call it a "main dish"…

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Salads are a delicious healthy treat
Salads are a delicious healthy treat Very often we want to pamper yourself and your loved ones original salads and we are confronted with the fact that you can't find…

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Delicious meat dishes from Moscow restaurants

Meat was, is and will be one of the most important products in the world of gastronomy. Despite the increased popularity of vegetarianism, veganism, syroedstve, as the style of eating and even way of life, “meat position” in the menu of most restaurants remain the most popular and in demand. Along with reference service for entertainment and travel in the cities of  we made a detailed guide — Aria and recommendations from famous chefs and fashion of the capital, Venison in a sauce of forest berries

Venison is a real hit! We meat not marinated, just fry on both sides in a hot pan and served with beetroot cream and stewed vegetables in white wine sauce. Still have a Burger with venison — top fragrant freshly baked bread with smoked cheese, and inside is a cutlet of venison, sweet tomatoes and crispy greens. Soon we will add dishes made with wild boar.

2. Beef ossobuco

3. Assorted “Big Grill”

You know, our restaurants are the place where good to go. The portions are large Torro Grill, to share, to try, choose what you like. And for companies we have, in my opinion, offer the best meat in town. This is a story called the cuts “Big Grill”. Designed a dish for four very hungry people or six moderately hungry. The table is served a giant plate of baked beef ribs, pork cheeks in a signature marinade, grilled chicken breast, sausages, pork ribs and BBQ, the most delicious — baked brain bones. All this splendor is accompanied by side dishes and a bottle of wine or two liters of beer. In the first case, the price is 4500 rubles, in the second 3980. So besides the fact that you can try all the best at once, the price is affordable for every meat lover.

4. Beef stew with herbs and rosemary

Where to try: the restaurant Molon Lave

I am the chef of a Greek restaurant is somewhat a new concept for Moscow. There are false stereotypes that Greek cuisine is mainly seafood. Actually it is not. Greek cuisine is rich and varied. Well, meat is always on this Greek table. We prepare the meat, seasoning of herbs, lots of spices and definitely adding olive oil. In the menu of Moscow Molon Lave there is such a dish as cocinita is stewed with herbs and rosemary beef. Meat is cooked on a low temperature and stewed for several hours it comes out tender and juicy. Beef we prepare kebab — gemista — inside with cream cheese, served with vegetables.

Quick salads
  Salad "Useful" is prepared simply and quickly. Its ingredients are easily purchased in any store. Quail eggs and other products that are included, this quick salad contain many useful…

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Simple salads
The salads today has become not just one of the areas of cooking – this is real art, because the new recipes of simple salads appear almost daily. And in…