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Meat was, is and will be one of the most important products in the world of gastronomy. Despite the increased popularity of vegetarianism, veganism, syroedstve, as the style of eating…

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Quick and delicious recipes for Christmas


Often to prepare for the event, you want it very much, but time is running out, so we cook that turned up under the arm, and lament due to a bad night.

This year a similar incident happened, e will present you with quick and delicious recipes for Christmas . prepared in minimal time, look original and have a unique delicious taste.

Recipe snacks of pineapple and seafood (and you can get acquainted with another dish of salad with shrimp recipe, here detailed step by step version of cooking).

To prepare such Christmas splendor you will need one whole pineapple, three hundred grams of the finished fully cleaned shrimp, thirty grams of juice of lemon and orange, half a teaspoon of liquid honey, a bit of olive oil and spice (ground blend of different peppers), and a few branches of fresh parsley and a little time.

Washed and dried pineapple should be cut into two equal parts, remove the pulp from each half of the pineapple using a sharp knife, leaving the edges a layer of about one and a half inches. The remaining pulp is cut into cubes of medium size. And shrimp fry in the olive oil for a few minutes on each side.

For the filling, mix the citrus juices with the honey, salt spices and a small amount of olive oil. Mix the prepared shrimp with the crushed pineapple and spoon the mixture into the pineapple bowls from the rind and pour the salad sauce. For decoration you can use parsley.

The recipe for winter snacks

Quick delicious Christmas recipes especially suitable for those who are too busy at work. This wonderful snack can be prepared in just a few minutes, even after a hard day’s work.

You will need a baton, a hundred grams of cream cheese, chive and walnut kernels. And a bit of mayonnaise, pomegranate grains and fresh parsley. Slice the loaf into serving slices and lightly fry in vegetable oil (preferably olive oil).

Then grind using a blender walnuts, garlic pass through the frog, and add them to the cheese. Components mix well, add a little mayonnaise and greens, and then mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous mass. Spread the mixture on toast and garnish the appetizer pomegranate seeds.

Recipe fish appetizer with caviar

If you have not chosen that fast to prepare for Christmas, without spending a lot of time, then pay attention to this original egg-fish appetizer, which will be a real decoration of your table.

For its preparation you need two hundred grams of salmon weak salting, two dozen quail eggs, two hundred grams of cheese, one hundred grams of processed cheese, one cucumber and a little red caviar.

To begin, slice thin slices of fish fillet and boil and then peel eggs. Peel skin from cucumber and cut it and the cheese slices in the thickness about one-half inch (you can then cut out the figures from cucumber and cheese slices, and can be left as is).

To snack kept, spread with a syringe on the stand a little melted cheese, and then cut a small notch in the egg, put into it one egg, wrap the egg around the fish fillets and put it in the stand.


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