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The most expensive food in the world

The most expensive food in the world

Everyone has their own preferences and habits — someone who likes to travel, someone collects art, and someone is willing to pay a tidy sum for the opportunity to pamper your taste buds. So, let’s see how many are willing to pay for gourmets unusual culinary delights. Especially for you top of the most expensive products in the world.

Matsutake mushrooms grow only in a few Asian countries. Their number is decreasing day by day because of the insects. To cultivate these fungi are not managed, so there is a possibility that soon they’ll be gone from the face of the Earth. This affects their price – 1000 dollars for 500 grams.

Bagels – delicious and pretty inexpensive rolls. But on a bagel  cheap as you can get. Its price is “only” $ 1000. As he smeared cream cheese, flavoured with white truffles, Zlatolist and jam from the berries Goji. Good option for Breakfast, isn’t it? Especially when you consider that white truffles occupy second place in the list of the most expensive in the world of commodities in terms of price/weight.

The picture shows the premium Frittata or as it is called “Frittata in a million.” Million of course it is not worth it. Per serving you will have to pay only a thousand dollars. To prepare this dish using lobster, egg and caviar sevruga. Caviar price: $ 65 for 30 grams.

Cows breed of Wagyu beer and sing constantly massaged to make their meat was very tender after cooking and just “melted in your mouth”. One steak this beef will have to “fork out” $ 2,800.

On the occasion of the reception at the premiere of the film “Slumdog Millionaire” in Mumbai chefs have prepared a very unusual dish. For it used the most exquisite and expensive foods in the world: white truffle, Devon crab, Beluga caviar. Graced this gastronomic wonder food with gold leaf. The dish was called “Samundari the chazan” and was valued at $ 3200.

Domenico crolla chef who prepared one of the most expensive meals of the world. We are talking about pizza “Royale 007”. At a thirty-degree layer of the dough the stuffing from pieces of lobster marinated in cognac, caviar soaked in champagne, Scottish smoked salmon, balsamic vinegar, slow shutter, tenderloin venison, prosciutto and, of course, edible gold leaf 24 carats. Without it because the pizza is not a pizza, and $ 4200 hardly anyone paid.

On the Japanese island of Hokkaido grows unusual black watermelon, Densuke. One crop is harvested no more than 65 berries. To taste they are not much different from the usual watermelon. Usually they don’t sell, but give. The price of this gift is $ 6,100.

If you thought that black watermelon from Japan is the most expensive fruit in the world, we were wrong. Since the Yubari melon costs 22 872 dollars for two pieces. Sold mouth-watering beauties for the price at the auction restaurant with a nautical theme.

To try the most expensive and rare caviar “Almas” in the world in a London restaurant “Caviar House &Prunier”. It is served exclusively in cans made of pure gold. The price of the delicacy – $ 25,000.

White truffles are often called the “king of all mushrooms”. It is very difficult to grow, so the price is considerable. The most expensive white truffle was sold at auction to the investor from Hong Kong. The mushroom weighing 1.5 kg man paid 160,000 dollars.

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