The most delicious Maldives
Cuisine of the Maldives combines Asian, European and the culinary traditions. The Goodies here are very diverse and can satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. What is Maldivian cuisine? The…

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Economical recipes for every day
In the last issue we traveled to Paris and found there are plenty of places with free soda . In our daily life happy moments, not so much. This is…

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Main dishes

How to start any lunch? With an appetizer and soup, but it’s really only the beginning. But the main course . or as we often call it a “main dish” or ” main dish “, is the culmination of lunch. That is why preparing the ground, always paid a lot of attention, especially if the house is a triumph: first, carefully select the recipe for the second dish . then one estimates the time of its preparation, and costs, and finally thought out his presentation – because “piece” on the table needs to look not just decent, but excellent. But on weekdays, very often the housewife wants to cook the second dish quick and tasty . so they opt for simple recipes of the second dishes . Good choice great!

Recipes of hot dishes there are so many. The main product, as a rule, is fish or seafood, meat, poultry, or wild game, but also it can be vegetables, mushrooms, and legumes. The main product is cooked in many different ways: fried, baked, stewed, steamed, including steamed, or combine several methods of heat treatment. For meat, poultry and fish usually served as a side dish. This can be rice, buckwheat, pasta and of course vegetables – fresh, boiled, baked, fried, pickled. As a side dish often served salads fresh vegetables, including leaf – lettuce lettuce, chicory, arugula.

Today in the era of globalization we have the opportunity to try to cook with their hands the dishes of different Nations – Caucasian shashlik, Uzbek pilaf, Spanish paella, American Turkey, German sausage. And, of course, we cannot forget about our beloved Russian cuisine. We are experimenting with your favorite Russian pies, pancakes, cooked in casseroles, meat and fish rolls, pork and so on.

Portal “Million menu” with pleasure is ready to assist you in your experiments. We offer you the most different recipes of dishes with  . collected from around the world. You will learn how to prepare delicious main dishes quickly . will find the recipes of dishes for every day and festive table. Detailed cooking instructions, hints and tips cooks with experience, a beautiful  of dishes, which, incidentally, will tell you ideas on the supply and decoration for the main dishes to your table – all this will help to cover the excellent table even for a beginner in cooking. We wish you a delicious, appetizing, nutritious and beautiful dishes that will certainly appeal to all your loved ones!

The most expensive food in the world
The most expensive food in the world Everyone has their own preferences and habits — someone who likes to travel, someone collects art, and someone is willing to pay a…

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Second courses of meat Despite continuing disputes about the benefits and dangers of meat, meat dishes continue to be the main on the table of most families. Vegetarians claim that…