Hot snacks for the New year
Soon will begin preparing for the celebration of the New 2016. And what a New year without a gala feast? According to Chinese tradition, every time the dishes on the…

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10 the most delicious dishes from Italy
In today's world a huge number of fans of Italian cuisine, and this is not surprising, because Italy as any other country gave us a lot of delicious dishes. For…

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Salads are a delicious healthy treat

Salads are a delicious healthy treat

Very often we want to pamper yourself and your loved ones original salads and we are confronted with the fact that you can’t find a resource in the Internet, where they could find us a prescription, despite the rather large number  devoted to the preparation of various dishes.

Salads are always easy to prepare and are an indispensable part of the holiday table, casual dining. We eat them to keep fit, maintain shape, but most importantly for fun! Salads are one of the most diverse culinary dishes in the world. Moreover, you can easily create your exclusive dish and, if desired, will be able to share on our  with other users who will cook it and leave your feedback and suggestions. Salads are rich in vitamins, fiber and many other nutrients that is a huge advantage over other types of culinary dishes.

Our will help you to choose a salad that will delight your friends and loved ones. We presented various versions of the salad:






Despite the variety of salads we offer recipes only tasty and time-tested! Here you will find salad recipes with detailed the description of each stage of preparation. In addition, we will explain and show you how to fill and decorate salads, so they were not only beautiful, but delicious!

Specially for you we select the best salads that do not require much effort to prepare but rich in vitamins that are so essential for us to maintain the body’s health!

In addition to step-by-step descriptions of each stage, we have salad recipes with that will help demonstrate all the stages of preparation. Recipes with  it is convenient to prepare both beginners and experienced cooks.the recipes are in a separate directory, which is very convenient for users because there is no need to search long for them. For your convenience, each recipe specified cooking time and portioned meals for the more economical distribution of products.

Choice of salad

If you don’t know what salad you want to cook, with the help of our directory to choose a fundamental ingredient:





seafood etc.


Recipes for every day
Hello dear cooks! On our  you can learn a lot of useful information on the topic of recipes for every day fast. However, if information about recipes for every day…

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Quick salads Salad of crab meat with cucumbers jar(0,8) pickled gherkins 3-6 cm; two packs of crab meat (not sticks); curry (seasoning) mayonnaise Cucumbers cut along the strips, exactly the…