Thai kitchen
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Exotic dishes of Asia
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Salad recipes for every day


Clearly, our appetite is very much dependent on the appearance of the dish, so it is important to care not only about taste but also about pleasing the form of salads.

Usually, salads adorn the products are of good taste, or the beautiful bright color and shape, and are also part of products, of which cooked salad, or approach them close in taste.

Decorating a salad, it is important not to “overdo it” — decorating should be moderate, so that could be seen from its main structure, since a thick layer of decor spoils the appearance of the salad. The edge of the bowl must be free to raise and transfer. This rule also applies to salads, which are decorated with large slices of vegetables or eggs.

In that case, if the table is served a few salads, each of them must be decorated with different products that are put directly before serving, because otherwise they quickly wither and instead of ornaments spoil the appearance of the salad.

If the salad is decorated with greens, the young leaves can be cut and put on top or on the side as a whole. Usually when decorating dishes leaf salad take a small cut sheets or slightly curved edges of the leaves.

If for decoration of salads using tomatoes, they should be cut into thin slices, slices or wedges. And cucumbers cut into thin slices and laid on salad, whole or cut to the middle and folded in the form of a bell. To create a particular color effect, cucumbers for decoration from the skin clean.

The pods of sweet red or green pepper cut into rings, small squares, triangles, sticks or stars.

Boiled carrots cut in the shape of stars or flowers: whole carrots make longitudinal incisions of different depth, after which it is cut into slices.

If you decided to decorate salad beetroot, it is pulverized and placed on a small leaf of lettuce or cabbage, to a bright beet juice did not spread and is not absorbed by other products.

Hard-boiled eggs to decorate the salad cut with a knife into wedges, slices or milled separately the whites and crumble the yolks carefully. When cutting eggs, you can use the egg slicer.

Decoration with a sharp taste — bitter peppers, “Lily” from a bow or decoration made of small onion stack so that if necessary it was possible to push aside, without spoiling the appearance of the salad.

Some vegetable salads can be grouped by color: for example, white and red cabbage, green beans with cauliflower, red sweet peppers with green.

Good decoration salad is a mesh of mayonnaise or sour cream. To put on her salad, use a syringe for the cream or a bag of parchment paper with the tip cut off (diameter of openings should not exceed 1.5 cm).

Mayonnaise can be done colour: for example, when adding a small amount of prepared mustard it turns yellow, and if you add a red table wine or beet juice — cherry. Add the tomato sauce will give the mayonnaise orange color, and if you add a puree of sorrel and spinach green.

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