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Salads birthday

Salads to the delight of the loved ones and relatives

Since the beginning of the creation of a salad called mixed or arranged in layers, a lot of vegetables, fish, meat and eggs, dressed with olive or vegetable oil. Every year the composition of and the ratio were changed, leading the salad recipe in the state filigree, reflection and the exact distribution. Each new product included in the classic recipe, brought new spicy inflorescence in the taste of the salad. To date, the salads birthday offer a wide variety of recipes with many constituent ingredients, from fish and meat to fruit salads and berry.

Modern new salad recipe birthday, thanks to the use of previously unused combination of ingredients makes the recipe taste exceptional quality and gaining more fans. Salads at birthday in a hurry, you can always submit prior to completing a main dish or to use as a cold appetizer. Submit a separate dish some salad recipes for its composition is very nutritious and hearty.

Dressing to the salad .

Each salad requires its own gas station, the same ingredient under different gas station takes on different flavor notes. A simple salad of tomatoes or cucumbers, lettuce and onion, spiced dressing has a completely different taste. Today, the most common dressings mayonnaise( store-bought walking distance, and mayonnaise homemade),olive oil with lemon juice and garlic, unsweetened yogurt, soy sauce, vegetable or meat salad add the garlic with the lemon juice.

Salads in a hurry, fast food with minimum available ingredients, dress with mayonnaise, olive or vegetable oil. Salads for a birthday recipe which is a bit more complicated and requires more time for cooking and preparation and even dressing regular mayonnaise prepared in advance and put in the fridge to reach desired quality ,the infusion.

Berry, fruit salads in haste to fill classic unsweetened yogurt, sweet yogurt or juice, sour cream. Sweet salads for a birthday you can fill sweet yogurt or kefir with lemon juice and sugar. To make sure that the dressing is perfect for salad, try it on a small lot of salad, honing to filigree the ratio of the taste of the food and sauce. Making sure that this salad dressing to whip up a birthday is the perfect solution, it is used for a main dish.

Salads to the delight of the loved ones and relatives .

You suddenly visited friends to visit our  will be for You a guiding star and indispensable in the choice of salad in a hurry. We have compiled a selection of simple salads and quick to prepare, salads for all occasions salads for birthday and celebration .Salads in a hurry, the composition of the minimum product available within walking distance, the cooking time is a maximum of 20-30 minutes.


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