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Meat dishes for the New year


Such a holiday as New year, simply can not do without meat, especially if the table will be real men. We will explain what meats to cook on New year’s day that they looked exotic, but prepared simply. All men the article is definitely recommended reading!

We will not strongly attached to the symbols of the new year and the Chinese calendar, especially in the East meat, we can say, generally not honored. Let the tradition carried out by women. We think that from meat dishes to prepare for the New year, so it was something special. If you like a real man, has already had to deal with meat and know how to cook it, to figure out a few dishes for the new year for you is not difficult.

What kind of meat to choose to get the delicious meat dishes

From the selection of meat depends on many things. Should focus primarily on their own tastes and the tastes of the guests. Not to miss, it is better to choose the most versatile option of pork. With her, by the way, the easiest way to work. This meat has its own rich flavor and virtually no spice. Pork is a celebratory meat dishes will always turn out juicy and tender.

Chops in French

So, in order to prepare our recipes are meat dishes on New year 2016, you’ll need pork tenderloin. And the first thing we suggest to do is chops. Too easy? Not at all, it will be chops in French. Cooking is simple, but what an exquisite name! Ingredients will be not very many:

1. Half a kilo of pork tenderloin

2. Teaspoon mustard powder

3. Tablespoon honey

4. Sour cream – 150 ml.

5. Vegetable oil – 25 gr. (1,5 tablespoons)

At first the cooking process is no different from ordinary pork chops. Cut the meat, wrap the pieces in cling film and repel. Then you need to prepare a marinade based on honey, to which is added mustard powder, a little lemon juice and herbs. The meat is marinated in the sauce for a few hours, and then baked in the oven with sour cream and grated cheese. Even on  the dish looks good. In more detail the process of cooking can be traced back to a video from Youtube.

Meat with vegetables — make a monkey!

They say that meat dishes on New year 2016 should contain vegetables. It will appeal to the patron of the year of the monkey. Even if you don’t believe in it, you will love meat in French with tomatoes. Vegetables will make the dish very delicate and fragrant. In this video, the cooking process is shown very accessible.

Delicious and tender meatloaf

Offer slightly increase the difficulty level of cooking and to try to figure out wonderful meat rolls. Here you need not pork tenderloin and the stuffing made from it. Learn how to prepare such rolls can on this video.

Maybe you know what other hot meat dishes on new year 2016 can be prepared quickly and easily? Then share ideas in  below, put the evaluation to this article and tell your friends. Portal My Advice wish you a tasty New year! And I suggest you to read the articles on the topic, what to cook on New year’s day to get even more ideas and options for salads . that you will love it!

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