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Exotic dishes of Asia

exotic dishes of Asia

How to make wasabi from the powder

In a small bowl put 1 teaspoon of wasabi powder and pour as much warm water. Mix vigorously, the resulting paste,

the consistency is like thick cream. Before using put wasabi on a cutting Board and let stand for at least 10 minutes,

Pad Thai (rice noodles in Thai)

Fried boiled or steamed rice noodles Pad Thai. There are many options of ways to cook this dish depending on location.

The noodles should be soaked for 1-2 hours, then add a few teeth crushed garlic, fresh shrimp, pour in 1-2 teaspoons of spicy fish sauce.

add palm sugar, a little crushed peanut. cut the pods young shoots of beans, and quickly sauté, occasionally adding a little water.

At the end pour in a thin stream the beaten egg. The variations depend on the fact that, in addition to or instead of shrimp is placed in the dish. When the finished dish spread on a plate,

it definitely sprinkled with freshly squeezed lime juice. If Pad Thai is cooked as a boiled dish, then used a special device is woven from dried

palm leaves funnel-shaped basket, where is laid the pre-soaked rice noodles. In this case, all other components of the dish, except the noodles,

anyway, quickly fried and laid on top of the noodles. The use of lime juice is Thais indispensable in this dish.

In a pan heat oil, quickly fry the chopped slice the garlic, remove from the oil. Chili pepper cleared of seeds and the stalk, sliced into thin rings

fry in the same oil until brown. Take out on paper towel. Move aside the pan. Roasted garlic and chili grind until a homogeneous mass.

Lemon zest RUB through a fine grater, squeeze juice of lemon into a separate Cup. RUB through a fine grater and peeled ginger. Now again heat the pan with oil,

fry minced garlic with chili for a few seconds, enter the zest, lemon juice, ginger and sugar. Simmer on low heat until all is transformed into a homogeneous mass.

We got pasta “Tom Yam”, which is the basis for many Thai dishes.

Now cook directly Tom Yam soup. Bring to the boil chicken broth, add coconut milk. the cooked pasta. Stir, bring to a boil while

constant stirring, boil for 2-3 minutes. Put coarsely chopped mushrooms and peeled shrimps and cook for 2-3 minutes.

We can buy ready-made sauce “Tom Yam” and Thai coconut milk brand Ara-D.

For 4 servings of soup need .

vegetable oil 4 tbsp,

garlic 5 cloves, zest of 1 lemon,

the fresh ginger 3 cm long 1 piece,

chili pepper large 2 PCs,

2 tbsp sugar,

lemon juice 2 tbsp,

chicken broth 400 ml,

coconut milk 400 ml

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