Salad recipes for every day
What is a salad? The name "salad" comes from the Latin word "Sol", as none of the dishes emphasizes the importance of salads for any cook. Salad you can cook…

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Main dishes on the menu baby
Main dishes on the menu baby In the diet year-old child one of the first places occupied by meat dishes. The meat is very important for the proper development of…

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Dishes for buffet

What dishes for the buffet, you can cook? If you don’t have free time to prepare holiday dishes, but you need to take at home a large number of guests, in such case, you can help out the organization of the Banquet-buffet table.

Usually for buffets prepare mini-meals, i.e. all kinds of cold and hot appetizers, desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

For buffet table it is better to prepare portioned snacks that you can take by hand or with a fork.

Cooking for the buffet table will take you a lot of free time, try to have ready meals have not lost their taste and flavor, even if they are cold. In addition, all snacks must be combined with drinks.

Dish for buffet: Snack balls

Snack bars balls usually made from grated products or mashed potatoes, cottage cheese or cheese. Ready balls you can roll them in different fragrant spices, as a result, they will differ not only in taste but also in appearance: if roll them in the chopped peppers, the balls will become red, if in curry yellow, and black from black pepper. The balls can be filled with chopped nuts, chopped herbs or steamed raisins.

Snacks on skewers for a buffet recipe

These snacks are easy to eat. For this you will need to buy colorful skewers and impose on them different finished products. This can be fresh fruit or vegetables, mushrooms, seafood or meat.

Meat and seafood can be marinated and fried in batter. To prepare the batter, mix the flour, a few eggs, water, salt and pepper. Half portions of flour, you can replace the starch, as a result you get a more lush batter.

Dishes for the buffet: Shrimp

Shrimp can also marinate and grill it, boil with lemon and Bay leaves or just fry in batter. To prepared shrimp has become more spicy taste, while cooking in the dish, you can add a little rosemary, ground paprika, cardamom, thyme or minced garlic. And in the marinade for the shrimp, you can add cream, white wine, lemon juice or soy sauce. Prepared shrimp can be supplemented with whole olives, cherry tomatoes. Fried shrimp can be strung on skewers with slices of cheese, bacon, ham, chicken or pineapple slices.

Snacks can be of “wash down” any alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The easiest option is beer, and more refined version is white and red wine. They can also have a champagne cocktail with champagne, cocktails with ice and fresh fruit, cold punch.