The most expensive food in the world
The most expensive food in the world Everyone has their own preferences and habits — someone who likes to travel, someone collects art, and someone is willing to pay a…

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Salad recipes whip up
The delicious salad recipes hastily prepared Original dishes every day, cooked in these recipes is not only delicious, but also very useful. Salad "Storm" The benefits of seafood have already…

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Exotic dishes

Is it possible to organize gala dinner for an hour and a half? It’s easy, thanks to the fact that the service is sufficiently developed. He began with the delivery of easy to prepare and popular fast-food restaurant, and later began to demand the delivery of rolls and sushi, all kinds of delicacies, confectionery and proch restaurant meals.

Relatively recently, the delivery of food from restaurants was an attribute of city life. Today delivery service available in any city, and thanks to the Internet, you can make a choice, leafing through the various menu and choosing the delicious and unusual dishes.

Japanese cuisine is the leader

The fashion for unusual and tasty Japanese food has spread in the last ten to fifteen years. Interestingly, in the same period have become very popular fiction detective of Boris Akunin, in which Superman Erast Fandorin and his trusty squire Masa, in between exploits, backed by the Japanese cuisine.

Probably the fame of brilliant detectives added to the popularity of Japanese cuisine. Now that the craze has spread and has become a tradition, it is difficult to trace its origins. It is an established fact that today the rolls, sushi, soy sauce, flying fish ROE, seaweed and other delicacies of Japanese restaurants – the most popular assortment, book home friendly for impromptu parties. It’s easy: take a peek

Pizza in the office!

Japanese cuisine pleases palates with its elegance, but for lunch in the middle of the day people prefer a more hearty meals. A classic of the genre was the pizza delivery at the workplace. Hundreds and thousands of cartons in which packaged tortillas with a variety of additions, every day are delivered by enterprises, banks, offices and other working places. Order a pizza and go home, if you need to quickly organize an unpretentious dinner. All types of fast food pizza had a better reputation; perhaps this tortilla with cheese and all not only delicious and hearty, but healthy.

Walk to restaurants, without leaving your computer

Isn’t it tempting to choose food from a wide range and to be able to order anything you want directly to your home? This does not replace a walk in a beautiful, creatively decorated restaurant, will create a pleasant atmosphere of celebration and luxury. It’s just an opportunity to enjoy and entertain friends without leaving home and without breaking their routine.

The most unusual rolls and sushi in the world
The most unusual rolls and sushi in the world These Japanese dishes most people already got used, and today for Russia sushi, of course, are not exotic. However, there are…

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Salads are a delicious healthy treat
Salads are a delicious healthy treat Very often we want to pamper yourself and your loved ones original salads and we are confronted with the fact that you can't find…