Salads birthday
Salads to the delight of the loved ones and relatives Since the beginning of the creation of a salad called mixed or arranged in layers, a lot of vegetables, fish,…

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Unusual dishes expensive restaurants in the world
  1. The dish: "Red fruit from the garden" Some Establishments, Restaurant (Errenteria, Spain). To some establishments, head chef Andoni Luis Aduriz took several years of experimentation to create this…

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The most shocking dish of the world


Cooking is a delicate matter. Sometimes the gastronomic delights of one nation lead to the indescribable horror other nationality. To dare to try some culinary delights that are typical for some Nations, it is necessary not only to have a steel stomach, but also strong nerves.

1. Eye tuna

It is a favorite dish in Asian countries. Also happy to use it and the Japanese, who eat an enormous portion of its production. Almost any store Japan there is a specialised Department where you can buy tuna in separate parts. The popularity of the eyeballs of the fish is due to their large size and ease of preparation. It is served with rice fried with any sauce.

2. Calf brains

In the US is currently prohibited from selling sandwiches made with calf brains because of mad cow disease. Now this dish can be savoured in Ohio. Before the sandwich was served with slices of bread, now the filling is placed in a hamburger roll. Note that this delicacy has the most delicate taste.

3. KAFU Marco

In translation it means rotten cheese. Rot as needed, it helps the cheese fly larvae which are placed on cheese “Pecorino”. Their digestive system accelerates the breakdown of fats and it becomes soft. When the cheese is ready, it secretes droplets of fluid, which the Italians called tears. The larvae, which are worm eaten together with cheese. This dish is recommended with my eyes closed and it’s not disgust, it is able to cause, and that the larvae can jump into the human eye.

4. Balut

The dish “balut” is very unattractive in appearance. It is made from duck or chicken eggs in which the chicken is formed with feathers and a beak. The dish is common in Vietnam, in the Philippines, where it is used daily, not only because of its taste, as well as the opinion that “balut” gives virility.

5. Shirako

Japanese dish, cod milt, which contains sperm. The product is white, slippery, soft, like the brain, has an unusual taste. The Japanese do not understand the squeamish attitude of Europeans to this product and consider it a delicacy.

6. A-Ping

In Cambodia, a very popular dish from swanski spiders, which have a high nutritional value. It is fried until brown and crisp. Inside the body of the spider has a delicate taste.

7. Sannakji

Traditional food of the Koreans and the Japanese. It does not require cooking. Sannakji is still a live octopus, cut into pieces with sesame oil. When tasting this dish you need to be very careful, as the muscles of the animal are in motion and can block oxygen diner.

Tastes are known to be very diverse. What is considered a delicious delicacy by some people, completely unacceptable for others.