Cook together Snacks
  1.Cheese snack on the chips 2. Canapes "ladybugs" 3.Quick and tasty snack — an open sandwich with salmon and red caviar! 4.Spicy cheese snack 5.Amazing bees 6. Snack "Muhomorchiki".…

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The most expensive food in the world
The most expensive food in the world Everyone has their own preferences and habits — someone who likes to travel, someone collects art, and someone is willing to pay a…

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Preparation of dishes from exotic fish species


The technology of preparing different fish dishes: boiled fish, fish boiled, fish fried, fish fried, indeed. The toppings and sauces used for each dish. The rules of serving and feeding the fish. The definition of the other portions.

Nutritional value of fish red rocks, classification, quality requirements. Technology of preparation of dishes from fish. Hygiene requirements for fish, the rules of primary processing. Organization of work of the fish shop, the necessary equipment.

Modern methods of heat treatment used in the preparation of the main fish dishes. Characteristics of raw materials used. Design techniques and features of the hot fish dishes. Selection of equipment and inventory. The study of defects in fish dishes.

High nutritional value and taste characteristics of the fish. Current range, the technology of preparation and specific features of feeding of seafood. Features activities as a restaurant catering to a wide range of dishes.

The culinary characteristic of the second hot dishes from fish. The range and characteristics of raw material, its morphological structure, conditions and terms of storage. Technological process of hot fish dishes, their presentation, preparation and serving.

Feature range of dishes for baking and cooking. The description of technology of preparation of baked fish in Russian with potatoes. The peculiarities of selection of garnish and sauce. Development of various filing methods, design standard documentation.

The organization of the fishing and the hot shops of the enterprise of public catering. Feature jobs pastry shop. Technology of preparation of dishes from baked fish cake and layered with cream. Control (inspections) product quality.

Technological characteristics of fish raw material. The methods of thawing fish. Characteristics of fish products, their nutritional value, methods of heat treatment. The technology of preparation of fish dishes: roasting, baking. Requirements for the quality of food, their storage.

Modern trends in preparing dishes from fried fish, the possibility of expansion of assortment and improvement of quality. The General scheme of the preparation of meals, requirements for their quality and design, used products. Proposals to expand the range.

Fish dishes at public catering enterprises are in demand and sold in large quantities. The technology of roasting fish, a range of dishes. Recipes of preparation of dishes from baked fish. Safety. Fish and diet.

Two simple recipe of salads
  Printable version Guests who appear from out of the blue — the nightmare of every housewife. An urgent need to feed a whole Horde of people, make this the…

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Exotic cuisine in Bali
My moving to Bali was just like in unreal history. I had a stable job that not only I liked but also brought in a good income, personal life was…