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The most unusual dishes of the world

The most unusual dishes of the world

We present you the TOP 5 unusual dishes on the planet.

As a rule, any article which describes any food causes salivation and desire as quickly as possible to prepare such a treat. But after reading the recipes below culinary delights, not everyone will have the desire to record them, and start looking for the ingredients.


For making this one of the most exotic dishes using rotten meat basking shark Greenland. The aroma produced by Haarlem, reminiscent of the disgusting smell that usually do not clean public toilets, and in appearance it looks like a cheese, diced.

If you are still interested, then we inform you that hakarl is found in 2 varieties: 1 — good rotten from stomach, 2 from very rotten muscle tissue. In stores hakarl is sold in packaged form, as we have calamari rings.

In Iceland eating rotten shark meat — it means to be strong and persistent, like a Viking.

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In fact — it seal, stuffed seagulls. To inform you the recipe of this delicacy, usually served as a Christmas dish in some of the most Northern peoples. You need to take the decapitated corpse of a dead seal and his stomach to put plucked the dead gulls. Then be hidden in the permafrost and keep there for seven months, to wait until the enzymes from decomposing gulls will not treat, as the intestine of a seal. After that, civic dig, cut into pieces and eat. The taste of this symbiosis pinnipeds and birds like a very old, slightly sharp cheese.

KAFU Marco

This is a special kind of cheese produced in Sardinia, which became famous due to the fact that in it you can see live insect larvae. “KAFU Marco” is translated from Sardinian language as “rotten cheese”, but the locals in their everyday speech often called “maggoty cheese”.

Larvae are small worms with a length of about 8 mm. Being troubled, they can jump a distance of about 15 cm So willing to try cacu Marco, during meals it is recommended to protect your eyes. The taste of this cheese will burn your tongue, it implies foul-smelling liquid, which is called “lagrima” — tears, and larvae may not be digested and begin to multiply, causing bloody diarrhea and vomiting.

You still like reading our recipes are the original dishes? Then let’s proceed.


It is prepared in Mexico from eggs of giant black ants liometopum living in ahavah. The collection of these eggs is an extremely dangerous job, since the ants are highly venomous and, besides, for some reason don’t like people. The dish is the consistency of curd, and eat escamoles, placing it as a filling in tacos, tortillas made of corn or wheat flour, which may be eaten, folding in half or rolling into a tube, with guacamole (mashed avocado pulp).