Main dishes
How to start any lunch? With an appetizer and soup, but it's really only the beginning. But the main course . or as we often call it a "main dish"…

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The most expensive food in the world
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The Cuisine Of Thailand

The cuisine of Thailand: characteristics, national dishes

Thais are proud that skillfully able to prepare unique treats and happily give them out to visiting guests. To taste the national cuisine is there at every step. In the middle of the streets and on the river you will find an endless variety of restaurants, cafes, kiosks and carts. Also cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boats, offering dishes for every taste and budget.

The most popular product in Thailand is, of course, rice. It is served as a side dish or as a main dish, it is made into bread and drinks, added to desserts. The word rice and food at Thai sound exactly the same – “Khao”. All that is complementary to the main dish, called “KAP Khao” i.e., “something you eat with rice”. Furthermore, in every house there are also products such as lime, coconut, lemongrass, ginger, chilli, garlic and coriander. In General, this nation with trepidation relate to the spices and put them in dishes exclusively to your liking.

And the tastes of Thai cooks is different. They never cooked on a tried and tested recipe and don’t transfer your recordings from generation to generation, just as we do. All the ingredients fall into the pot through the eye. That is why each Thai dish is a mystery and a masterpiece and the pinnacle of imagination, which is hardly possible to comprehend. Young cooks learn not the craft, the art of cooking, watching the skilled and experienced craftsmen. Only the most sharp-eyed be a kitchen guru.

The cuisine of Thailand combines 4 tastes: sour (lime, lemon, and vinegar), sweet (mango, pineapple), bitter (chilli, cucumber, bitter), salty (soy sauce, salt). Each dish for local chef this is not only a storehouse of flavors, but a painting, which must be pleasing to the eye. The process of decorating, often, becomes a ritual and lasts longer than the actual cooking.

Not the last place in the cuisine are soups. However, eat them in small quantities and only in order to refresh the taste buds. Soups prepared with traditional ingredients, but the taste, for some reason, it seems fresh and quite unusual. Tom Yam, the most famous of the so-called soup, which is also the basis for many other dishes.

The Thai people are devout, so faith has a very great influence on the cuisine of the country. It is for religious reasons then don’t cook with large pieces. First of all, all products are thoroughly crushed. Also on Thai cuisine influenced by India. However, those Indian foods that are not in the country, there safely are replaced with new ones, thanks to get a completely unique dishes. For example, coconut oil Thais replace the traditional Indian ghee.

Then cook anything that can crawl or otherwise move. Snakes, toads, lizards, fish, crabs, snails, insects and birds – all this and more locals eat with their spoons and forks. Yes, Yes, we misspoke, no sticks! About exotic cuisine of Thailand, you can write many more amazing, because it absolutely knows no boundaries. Having gone to this country, you will be able to eat bugs and worms the usual way. Bon appetit!

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Recipes of meat dishes
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