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The most unusual rolls and sushi in the world

The most unusual rolls and sushi in the world

These Japanese dishes most people already got used, and today for Russia sushi, of course, are not exotic. However, there are some dishes that may surprise how ordinary citizens and connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine.

How much is the most expensive sushi in the world?

Japanese dish is popular all over the world, including the Philippines, where tourists can visit great places with a very varied menu. Including, you can go to the restaurant located in Manila to sample the most expensive sushi. But be prepared to pay per serving a decent amount of money.

To prepare this dish are used and are very expensive, and readily available ingredients. Includes Italian balsamic vinegar (a must with twelve years of exposure), artesian water (interesting, but also she has a endurance, however, are seventy years!). Also in the present slices of mango, salmon from Norway, foie Gras, crab meat, mayonnaise and rice of course.

On you can find a lot of information about sushi, but it is unlikely most users will want to prepare meals, which offers Filipino restaurant, the fact that the products are not the most expensive part of the dish. That sushi was really original, the chef adds a rare pearl in the quantity of twelve pieces and four diamonds! well, all this food oborachivaetsya foil made of gold!

Here is an unusual dish, we can only guess, as Filipino cooks had the idea to flavor it with precious stones. By the way, will add to the theme that the most expensive sushi bar in new York, the dishes are cheaper than four hundred dollars here.

The thickest and smallest sushi roll in the world

Interesting, but all these dishes are cooked in Russia. Although not surprising, our country cuisine Japan has gained great popularity, in particular, has well developed service delivery of sushi and rolls in Ufa. The same can be said about any city.

Now, roll with a diameter of 52 cm and a width of 80 cm were prepared in Ekaterinburg. The dish took nearly 90 pounds of Japanese rice and eight kg of eel. The food was cooked wasabi sauce (almost two pounds!). This giant roll was consuming more than a thousand people.

But the smallest roll was prepared in Tver, his size is about a penny coin (total length of 6 millimeters!). Each delicacy has left only one of rice and a microscopic piece of salmon that was placed on top of the dish. Note that in the Guinness book of records to declare it the record (that’s a record, no doubt).

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