Delicious meat dishes from Moscow restaurants
Meat was, is and will be one of the most important products in the world of gastronomy. Despite the increased popularity of vegetarianism, veganism, syroedstve, as the style of eating…

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Interesting Christmas recipes
Necessary ingredients: chicken fillet – 0.5 kg kiwi – 3 PCs boiled eggs – 2 PCs boiled carrots – 2 PCs apples – 2 PCs garlic – 2 zubochka mayonnaise…

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Exotic cuisine in Bali

My moving to Bali was just like in unreal history. I had a stable job that not only I liked but also brought in a good income, personal life was as it should be-my girlfriend, lots of friends and generally, a regular flow of events, as most of us. But I had no idea how in one moment everything collapsed… As lead in this situation the most. Of course would be covered with a terrible diagnosis of modern society — depression, I did almost an exception. But it was not there… the other night, trying to escape from insomnia a couple of portions of alcohol, and reckless wandering through the expanses of the Internet-quite by accident stumbled upon a good  about Bali. There’s some interesting local guide described the sights of the island. I’ve heard of course about the island, but didn’t know exactly where Bali is and what he represents. It so happened that I decided to write on ! We exchanged letters through which I began to learn amazing things about Bali. And… a week later I was there:)! I didn’t have much time, mood and desire to go and look for tour operators and therefore, all reality issues solved all through the same local guide that I friendly told in detail about Bali that in many respects he is sincerely grateful. By the way, now

is a good friend of mine with whom I regularly keep in communication. He didn’t just improved my holiday in Bali, accompanying me and showing simply divine places of this island, but also helped me to resolve the issue with the accommodation, giving me a wonderful Villa in Uluwatu, for ridiculous money, and not a standard hotel, which I personally, with a crowd of noisy tourists, for that period was not necessary. On all tours, I had the feeling that I finally found my home corner of the world where I am calm and well. Gradually, all of this seemed unreal to the problem was ridiculous. Two weeks later, I came back to Russia, but with only one purpose, that would solve all necessary questions and to return to Bali, but for a long time.

If you have the desire to fully partake of the peculiarities of the national Balinese cuisine-the entrance to fashionable restaurants designed for tourists, you are simply closed. You have to go to local cafes or as they are called the people of Bali-stay (traditional place in Indonesia where you can find a variety of ethnic foods). But on the basis of mass flow of tourists, owners of stay, being literate entrepreneurs in this industry, do not forget to add to the national dishes, and also European.