The most delicious Maldives
Cuisine of the Maldives combines Asian, European and the culinary traditions. The Goodies here are very diverse and can satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. What is Maldivian cuisine? The…

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Salad recipes for every day
What is a salad? The name "salad" comes from the Latin word "Sol", as none of the dishes emphasizes the importance of salads for any cook. Salad you can cook…

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Quick salads


Salad “Useful” is prepared simply and quickly. Its ingredients are easily purchased in any store. Quail eggs and other products that are included, this quick salad contain many useful substances for our body.

Salad “Light” cheese, tomato, red pepper, herbs and olive oil – that all the components of this salad. The name speaks for itself.

Salad “Sun green” – what could be easier than to prepare this quick and tasty salad.

Salad “Female joy” – look at the picture and you will not be able to resist. Be sure to use the quick recipe of this delicious salad.

Salad in cheese baskets – this salad is not the fastest among our collection, but what an original recipe!

Warm salad with strips of beef & broccoli – perfect for lovers of hearty salads. How long will it take to cook? In just 15 minutes! Isn’t it fast?

Salad “heart healthy” – care about the health of our men – see the recipe and prepare this quick and healthy salad for dinner.

For our favorite men, we will present a series of nutritious and quick to prepare salads :

“Salad of chicken breast with yogurt dressing”, “Salad tough guy”; “the Salad men’s Symphony”; “Salad with beef and beans”, “Salad – Senor tomato”.

For seafood lovers quick salad recipes:

“Sea of happiness”; “Fruit with shrimp and chicken”

For girls a series of easy and quick recipes salads:

“Autumn fire”; “Orange summer”; several recipes for “Greek salad”

Original salads:

“Peppers”; “With cheese, chicken and beans” and others.

Galya Povareshkin loves to cook and selects for our readers are the most simple and quick salad recipes. But if in your Arsenal, there are other quick and original salad recipes send to us and share with readers of the women’s club wins. Especially for this on all pages with recipes there is the function “Share your recipe”.


Snacks and sandwiches
Delicious snacks in a hurry Each of us there are times when sudden guests come and need a quick treat, something delicious, nutritious and preferably unusual. For these dishes are…

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Cooking meats
  1. General characteristics and classification of the group of dishes, the range 2. The value in the food group of the food specified in the embodiment 3. Characterization of…