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Colorful and delicious appetizer of herring!

Excellent appetizer of herring!

My dear! Yesterday I was surprised by the ingenuity of the housewife. On the table among different Goodies stood out of the dish. On a flat platter sported sliced, so beautiful .

While not invited to the table, I inadvertently glanced at him and couldn’t understand roll, but what is it made of? And then came the moment when everyone began the meal. And what do you think? It is the first empty dish with slices of this wonderful loaf.

You remember the classic recipe herring under a fur coat? A little taste appetizer of herring recalls this salad, but much tastier and satisfying.

Appetizer was excellent. Everyone praised her and asked the recipe. She said that this tasty snack is prepared quickly. Today I am pleased to share this recipe with you.

Appetizer of herring — recipe


Backless smoked or, in extreme cases, salted herring – 2-3 pieces

One of the root boiled a large beet

A bunch of green onions

Three processed cheese “Friendship” in blocks (you can grate)

Three hard boiled eggs

50 grams of melted cream butter

Whole gherkins

Salt and ground black pepper to taste

The bunch of greens of dill and parsley

And do you think what else do we need? You never know. Yes, Yes – it’s a plain baguette bread. You know, a long baton.

How to cook an appetizer of herring


1. We prepare two kinds of stuffing: Finely chop the egg whites and RUB on a small grater, processed cheese, add soft butter, salt and ground black pepper to taste and all mix well.

Now, this mass should be divided into two parts: one 1/3 of the total mass, the second 2/3.

In a smaller part of this mass add the finely chopped herbs and chopped green onion and

mashed yolks.

In most of add the finely grated cooked beetroot.

2. Baguette bread cut lengthwise and remove the pulp, so that the wall thickness of the baguette was somewhere with a finger.

3. Carefully distributed the first layer on the entire inner surface of the baguette – it is beet pulp.

4. Then spread the second layer with a mixture of greens with green onions and cheese component.

5. Now you need to one half of the baguette to be laid along the entire length of our roll and fillet herring fillet on top, put in a row have whole pickles.

6. The edges of the baguette grease with soft butter and quickly combine the unwrapped half.

7. Now we turn our roll in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours.

8. Before serving carefully remove the tape

9. Cut into portions and arrange on a plate so that you could see the center of the loaf.

Decorate the snack of herring and green sprigs, and lemon. But you can show imagination by decorating with lettuce leaves.


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