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Recipes of quick and delicious dishes


What to do if you suddenly descended guests? Summer fellowship is always enjoyable, and if guests have nothing to drink? Still have 15 minutes to prepare a delicious snacks. In recipes quick and delicious dishes. Tarts, chips and crackers, which you can do yourself, will be a great salvation, and the basis for quick snacks. In the summer to cook something quickly is not so difficult: a few tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and here already ready salad. Best for light snacks to use any of the pasty fillings: cheese, cheese, avocado.

Recipe No. 1

Take a few soft avocados, chop the flesh in a blender, add lemon or orange juice. The resulting paste is put on the cracker with the help of confectionery syringe or teaspoon. Put half a cherry tomato or a slice olives.

Recipe No. 2

Recipes of quick and delicious dishes are obtained from foods. For example, sausages. Boil sausages or bratwurst, cut them in half, filling the middle of the soft cheese, flavored with herbs and spices to choose from. You can use ordinary cheese, then sausage will need to put in a couple of minutes in the microwave to melt the cheese.

Recipe No. 3

Recipes quick & tasty courses in summer can not do without vegetables and fruits. Those who prefer light snacks, it may be advisable to use them for peppers. Cut the peppers in wide strips, spread on every low-fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese can be mixed with herbs, ginger or garlic. Top “toast” by olive.

Recipe №4

While the guests eat delicious meals, you can cook borsch. Make your friends happy national recipes. One of these dishes with national character is the Georgian pkhali. Take and boil the beets, rastolita it with a fork. Fry the walnuts and add them to the beet mixture. Season with salt, pepper and nuts. To give a specific taste to the dish using cilantro. To file a soup can in the form of pellets or balls.

Recipe No. 5

Rollmops with Apple, probably the most amazing and funny name for quick and light meals. This spicy snack is to salty dishes. Rollmops is a layer of herring, rolled rolls. Julienne the Apple and mix with red onion, add mayonnaise and mustard. The resulting mixture was put on the herring. Turning in the roll, kill it with a skewer.

Recipe No. 6

Those who are not very fond of fish, you can offer another option snacks on skewers, which also combines sweet and salty taste. Take the cheese, bacon and prunes. Instead of bacon can take any other slim meats. Take prunes, a slice of cheese and wrap them in bacon, also stabbing the skewer.

Recipe No. 7

Lovers of exotics can offer the following recipe snacks on skewers. Prepare shrimp and mussels, start first at the skewer the shrimp, then mussels and capers. Ready-made snack you can sprinkle with lemon juice.

Recipe No. 8

Stuffed mushrooms can be called the leader of quick snacks. Separating the cap from the legs, put them in a piece of cheese and seasonings. Put 2-3 minutes in the microwave. Instead of cheese, you can add a drop of olive oil with spices and garlic.

Recipe No. 9

Well, without any skewers of mozzarella or Parmesan. Best of all these varieties are combined with apples, pineapples, pears, strawberries and other fruits and berries. Cheese can be combined with sausage, tomatoes, black olives. Tip: if several times to repeat layers, snacks on skewers saturate better and look prettier. Cheeses with low-fat taste suited to easy blame and more sharp cheese serve with strong wine.

Recipes of quick and delicious dishes
  What to do if you suddenly descended guests? Summer fellowship is always enjoyable, and if guests have nothing to drink? Still have 15 minutes to prepare a delicious snacks.…

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