10 the most delicious dishes from Italy
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Economical recipes for every day
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The terrible delights of the world

About restaurants

There is a restaurant that serves only the genitals. Culinary experts from other countries often associate in their speeches the Guolizhuang restaurant and a well-known saying that the Chinese eat anything four-legged except tables and everything with wings except planes. Unusual school opened its doors in 2006-m year, offering as a main ingredient of all dishes, the genitals of animals. Chinese people believe that eating the penis of animals is able to work wonders with male potency and rejuvenate the skin of women. The owners of the restaurant began with a single institution. Now only in Beijing opened several branches also recently opened a restaurant in Chinatown Atlanta (USA) .

The restaurant is not suitable for the faint of heart and sensitive nature. Almost all dishes retain the original appearance of the genitalia, although most of them and wears beautiful names: “the Essence of the Golden Buddha”, “the Rise of the Phoenix”, “Flowers of Jasmine, lined with 1,000 layers”. Some dishes are served raw. The most expensive dishes — the penis of a Yak (US $ 220) and assorted penises ten (110 dollars). But some clients qualify for and more expensive delicacies. They can offer exceptional dish is the tiger penis. Its cost is 1 500 USD. Ordering must be done in a few months. This capability ensures that only those customers who have silver, gold or platinum card for the restaurant.

The duties of the waiters is charged with not only dish, but also to explain to the visitors its properties. For example, women should not eat testicles of animals, because they contain the hormones can make the voice lower and enlarge the amount of hair on the body. In the restaurant prohibited for adolescents under 15 years because the hormones can adversely affect the development of a growing organism. Most restaurant patrons are businessmen who come for a business dinner with government officials or business partners.

10 penises that people eat.

1. The penis goat penis Goat to taste like venison. It contains little fat and calories.

2. The penis of the ox In China, the penis is a good way to male power and very popular.

3. Penis sheep penis sheep, usually cooked or fried, but can be served raw. Some Westerners compare the taste with overcooked squid.

4. Bull penis Bull penis – samozvety aphrodisiac. Also give it to the dogs because he has a very positive effect on the immune system of the animal.

5. Deer penis deer Penis is said rich in collagen and very good for the skin.

6. The penis of a Yak 1 serving stand 33.5 dollars. A lot so for.

7. Penis dogs In China, as you know eat anything. Dog penises are often served with a sauce and taste it resembles a bitter overcooked squid.

8. Donkey penis it looks like bacon. The taste resembles pork. And 1 the penis is 22.5 USD.

9. The penis of a whale has a Positive effect on men. Sold in dried form.

10. The kangaroo penis Hard rubber, but is also useful for men.

Delicious meat dishes from Moscow restaurants
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