Salad recipes for every day
  Clearly, our appetite is very much dependent on the appearance of the dish, so it is important to care not only about taste but also about pleasing the form…

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Salad recipes for every day
What is a salad? The name "salad" comes from the Latin word "Sol", as none of the dishes emphasizes the importance of salads for any cook. Salad you can cook…

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Thai kitchen

Thai cuisine is one of the most exotic in the world

Thailand is a country that captures their customs and traditions. It kitchen that uses lots of tropical fruits and vegetables to cook unusual dishes. For example, the local feature is the durian fruit, which, according to residents, there is a spicy pulp, which imparts a unique flavor to the recipe. No wonder Thai cuisine is considered exotic, because in addition to the main ingredients, invested a lot of spices and herbs.

Generally, Thai food is generally spicy, with a pungent aroma. Habitual ginger is used in a whole new light. Lime leaves and lemon will give a unique acidity, and cilantro in the form of seeds or roots will leave behind a feeling of something unknown. Considerable demand bitter peppers.

Method of cooking meat in Thailand does not coincide with our usual methods. Local chefs use so many Eastern spices that you will not be able to make it in my kitchen in the usual setting. You can feel the salt, pepper, curry, but it is unlikely you will spot the nectar of a coconut accompanied by a citrus juice that is used instead of milk and milk products. Side dish of the Chinese prefer rice, despite the fact that in the West traditionally used the potato bread. Although, when meeting in this country of any local cafe, you will see a perfectly ordinary name in the menu, the ingredients will surprise you for sure. looking to try? Awesome night bar Coconut is very skilled in exotic Thai cuisine, try it for yourself.

The philosophy of Yin and Yang is very close to this culture, so the cuisine harmony with nature gives rise to new and unusual sensations.

But not only a pleasure to bring local cuisine, as well as good. Cooking with low fat and cholesterol will appreciate priverzhenka healthy food. The amount of spices added to food have a positive effect on your organism, since they possess medicinal properties, the removal of toxic substances from the body.

Thai cuisine is rich in its abundance of different dishes from seafood, fish, meat, and exotic salads and desserts.

Side dish of the Chinese prefer rice, despite the fact that the West has traditionally used the potato bread. Of course, because in this country grows many types of rice. Eat, holding spoon in right hand and fork in left. This season the side dish with some kind of sauce, be it fish, soy or spicy. For of noodle dishes are served with special sticks.

Many perceive a kind of food Thai cuisine, but tourists really believe that in life you need to try everything to appreciate.

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