The terrible delights of the world
About restaurants There is a restaurant that serves only the genitals. Culinary experts from other countries often associate in their speeches the Guolizhuang restaurant and a well-known saying that the…

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Delicious meat dishes from Moscow restaurants
Meat was, is and will be one of the most important products in the world of gastronomy. Despite the increased popularity of vegetarianism, veganism, syroedstve, as the style of eating…

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10 the most delicious dishes from Italy

In today’s world a huge number of fans of Italian cuisine, and this is not surprising, because Italy as any other country gave us a lot of delicious dishes. For the Italians food is not just hunger, but a sort of holiday. They can spend hours at the dinner table, getting pleasure from each dish.

Traditional Italian cuisine, which later became, like many other cuisines of the world, beloved in many countries, could not be better demonstrated by the fact that the delicacies are nothing else than the result of Italian ingenuity that allows to implement any fantasies, using the usual list of available products. Whether it is pickles or pizza Panini with Parmesan.

Chicken Parmigiana . This dish is especially popular in Campania and on the island of Sicily. Fried in batter of flour and Parmesan chicken breast with Golden color. With a delicate aroma of garlic and tomato sauce. Laid out on a plate with spaghetti, sprinkled with grated cheese and decorated with greenery. Few people can remain indifferent to this dish after tasting it once.

Panini . From Italian Panini translates as “little bread roll”. The easiest option Panini — two slices of bread with ham between them. Filling for Panini can be any, all depends only on your imagination. However, the classical structure is considered to be ham, tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto. The main difference from Panini sandwiches is that Panini are served hot.

Panna cotta is a dessert pridumany the Italians from Piedmont. In Italian means “cooked cream”. This dish is a creamy pudding which is to add various ingredients — vanilla, fruits, berries, caramel. After making Panna cotta poured into forms, and as such served at the table flipping over on a plate and decorating fruits and caramel or chocolate sauce.

Tramezzini . Tramezzini is a triangular sandwich with mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, tuna, or something your heart desires. Stuffing everyone chooses in its sole discretion. The method for preparing tramezzini simple to newsminute — one piece of bread, put the stuffing and cover with another slice of bread and put then in the fridge to give him a chance to soak in. Simplicity is the basis of the popularity of this dish.

Tiramisu . Tiramisu is a layered dessert of mascarpone cheese, espresso coffee, chicken eggs, sugar and biscuits savoyardi. Top dessert sprinkled with cocoa powder. This dish became so popular in the world, which is often used as the original recipe, and many of its adaptations — replace the cocoa with grated chocolate, espresso sponge soaked in alcohol or fruit, Savoiardi — biscuits, and in some recipes tiramisu is more like a pudding or a cupcake.

Tortellini is a dish, in appearance resembling dumplings, but filling them in is not only meat, but also vegetables, cheese, chestnuts. Tortellini comes in different colors due to the additives red dough by adding tomato, green by adding spinach. Tortellini distinguish several types of tortelli(the largest), tortelloni(medium size) and tartelette(the smallest).

Salad recipes with cheese
Salad recipes with cheese To impart a special taste to salads, you can add them to the cheese. Salad recipes with cheese are diverse components with which it is combined.…

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Recipes of meat dishes
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