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Festive appetizer quickly

Greetings to all visitors of my light!

Today we have a festive snack prepared quickly. I think she will definitely be in demand at the right time.

If you are going to arrange the food on certain auspicious occasion, we are asking what a quick and tasty snack to prepare. In this case, my simple recipe would be as impossible, by the way, therefore I recommend to place it in your culinary “a casket”.

This dish I hope will suit many of your guests and especially those who are not indifferent (with a plus sign) to home to cottage cheese. As this product is a delicious snack prepared quickly.

Let’s start with the list of products included in this dish.

Cottage cheese – 200 g sour Cream – 1-1,5 tablespoons Garlic – 1 clove dill – 2-3 sprigs Salt – to taste bell pepper – 1 piece (snack) bell peppers – for decoration (quantity optional) Tomatoes – for decoration


To begin with, what is in your fridge should be available all of the above products. Pay special attention to the main ingredient of this dish is the cheese. I prefer to buy for myself (and for favorite guests) only cottage cheese dressing, fat-free does not usually take (I don’t like the taste). You are free to take the one that suits you, then as they say “the boss”.

After all the ingredients are already in your kitchen beginning to cook a quick and delicious snack.

Purchased a cheese spread into a container (preferably deep for ease of further action). Add to it the cream one or one and a half tablespoons (adjust the consistency of cottage cheese). Armed with a regular table fork and carefully triturated cottage cheese with sour cream, achieving a more homogeneous mass.

Then bathed, obsessive paper towel dill and finely chop it enough for further participation in the festive snack prepared quickly.

Then take the next person – bell peppers, cleaned him, bathed under running water, wipe with towels and cut into very small pieces. Pour in a container of cottage cheese weight.

Finally add the zest-cloves of garlic (passed through press), giving our quick and tasty snack some spice, salt it to your liking.

Next, take a fork and mix all into a homogeneous pasty mass. In principle the food is ready, you can spread it on bread and eat! But, we’re making a holiday appetizer, and it needs to look presentable, therefore we will invest even a little effort, creative imagination and will do our dish truly colorful.

I used a bright bell peppers (if possible different colors). Cut it into rings about 0.5 to 0.7 cm tall. They will serve as a kind of small plates.


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