Salad recipes whip up
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Salad recipes for every day

What is a salad?

The name “salad” comes from the Latin word “Sol”, as none of the dishes emphasizes the importance of salads for any cook. Salad you can cook for dinner, Breakfast, celebration. The salad can be simple or complex. Salads are vegetables, poultry, seafood, fish, fruit. One of the most favorite is a salad with vegetables and salads with chicken . In this section, the salads are defeated by  products used in the preparation of salads. Salads are simpler, find here, those who wants to prepare a salad in a hurry. For more sophisticated in cooking the salad, but the preparation time which can be up to one hour. Of course, will be loved by all Caesar salads, salads with mushrooms, salads with meat, salads with beans and many others. We will not miss the Greek salad and Shopska salad. Great value in the preparation of the salad is the dressing. Well cooked and chosen salad dressing . can make any salad a work of culinary art. Salad dressing can be simple – vegetable oil, mayonnaise, sour cream, or complex, consisting of several ingredients. Don’t use prepared salad dressings, they are not hard to prepare. And what magnificent salads can be prepared from canned tuna or cod liver oil? To make the salad turned out delicious – all the products used to prepare the salad should be delicious. Do not think that mixing tasteless or not fresh food, you get a tasty dish. For example, for vegetable salads perfect if the products brought straight from the garden, or at the worst end from the market. The vegetables in salads should be well washed and dried. Lettuce for salad is better to tear by hand or cut with a special plastic knife. If you cook seafood salad . we make sure that the fish did not have bones and the shell of shrimp or shell from the mussels came in a bowl. special attention should be paid to design salads. The salad should be beautiful, salads are a decoration of any table. In salads a lot of vitamins. Salads can be the basis of a proper and healthy diet. Salad cannot stand for long before use. Prepare salads before serving. Salads need a few minutes before serving, otherwise the salad will be juicy, lose their form, will be limp and not tasty. Following these simple rules, you will be able to make delicious salads every day, but if you take advantage of our delicious salad recipes, you will get good results.

Sometimes, you can make a delicious salad, not even knowing his recipe. It is important to know what foods can be mixed in salads, and which are not.

A few examples: tomato Salad with starchy food, breaks a rule, no need to mix the potatoes and tomatoes, there is a rule prohibiting mixing acid with starches. Lemon juice in a salad taken with protein food, violates the rule prohibiting the combination of acids with proteins

Can add to your salad cheese or nuts, if these ingredients formed only part of the protein and salad diet. Add the eggs to the salad better only when they are used as proteins in the protein diet.


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