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The most delicious Maldives

Cuisine of the Maldives combines Asian, European and the culinary traditions. The Goodies here are very diverse and can satisfy even the most demanding gourmet.

What is Maldivian cuisine?

The basis for the dishes was the rice, which is combined with different spices and seafood. It is cooked with sweet potatoes and bananas, coconut sauce, pumpkin, papaya and breadfruit.

Also the Islands have become a very popular fish. It is served smoked, boiled or dried. Particularly recommended to taste fish curry cooked with coconut milk with lemon juice or hot chili peppers. They eat meat rarely, on holidays and always with lots of hot spices.

But in General the cuisine of the Maldives provides for a rather limited addition of spices, so spicy dishes are uncommon.

That on the holiday table?

Menu festive table of the inhabitants of the Maldives is practically no different from eating them during the week. For the holidays, usually served with chicken, fried on the grill. And of course, combine with rice or added to salads.

Choose appetizers and salads

The most popular snacks were fried rolls of fish, the fish baked with chili paste, and a delicate fish pie. Popular bread and locally sourced, served with a fish cocktail lime, coconut, onion and chili pepper.

Salads in Maldivian cuisine cooked with the addition of vegetables and filled with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. Here also love fruit salad, but serve them as desserts.


Arriving at the Maldives should definitely try fish soup with rice and spices. It is very tasty and is often served to the festive table.

What’s for dessert?

In the Maldives the most popular dessert steel coconuts. From them prepare many delicious dishes. This sweet rice dishes with fruit, puddings, coconut milk, and pastries.

Something to quench your thirst?

On the Islands most often drink tea, which add a lot of milk and sugar. Coffee is also cook, but he has a pretty high price due to the fact that import it from other countries. Local traditional drinks, you can allocate PAA (sweet palm juice), Cyrus sarbat (sweet milk), GAA (alcoholic drink made from palm milk, which is fermented out). But alcohol you can buy only in those places where a large number of tourists.

Traditional Maldivian dishes

As for main dishes, they have incomprehensible for tourists names. For example, badge is fish pie with onions and coconut.

Hicimos – fish, smoked or dried.

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