Second courses of meat Despite continuing disputes about the benefits and dangers of meat, meat dishes continue to be the main on the table of most families. Vegetarians claim that…

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Festive appetizer quickly
Greetings to all visitors of my light! Today we have a festive snack prepared quickly. I think she will definitely be in demand at the right time. If you are…

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Snacks and sandwiches

Delicious snacks in a hurry

Each of us there are times when sudden guests come and need a quick treat, something delicious, nutritious and preferably unusual.

For these dishes are suitable recipes consisting of simple products, almost always present in the house, such as: eggs, bread, butter, sausage, canned fish, cheese, etc, etc. In the Treasury of a good housewife some very simple recipes of snacks. on all occasions.

First appetizer – stuffed eggs.

Quickly prepared, the dish looks tasty and appetizing – satisfying. Cook hard-boiled eggs, cut in half, take out yolk, mash with tuna.

Finely chop the onion, mix with the yolk, add pepper, mayonnaise, salt. Stuffing half the eggs. Arrange on a plate the lettuce leaves, in a circle stuffed eggs in the center of the cut slices of tomatoes. Decoration, olives, sprigs of greenery.

If in the refrigerator there is a sausage or finished slicing, it is possible to wrap rolls . put inside a mixture of grated cheese with boiled egg, herbs, garlic and mayonnaise. You want the sausage was thinly sliced. Chop onion rings and pour boiling water for elasticity. The circle of sausage put cheese and garlic stuffing and sealed with a ring of onion. If you don’t want to mess with a bow, fasten with skewers and toothpicks.

Another option is the appetizer chips Pringls.

You can show imagination with the ingredients for the filling, we suggest to use: shrimp, olives, a bunch of parsley, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese. If you have this “bogactwo”, to create an original dish for the buffet table.

Tomatoes for the filling, finely chop, juice drained. Shrimp boil and clean, you can take canned krill. RUB cheese on a grater, add mayonnaise and mix everything together, each olive cut in half lengthwise. The chips are not soaked, spread the stuffing before serving on the table, and the middle decorate with olives and herbs.

Well, if the house is a package of Armenian lavash, can be prepared from the roll.

Here, too, can unleash the imagination, putting it in stuffing everything in the fridge. I love the filling with salted salmon – 400 gr cream cheese-President cheese, tomatoes – 4, 5 PCs. dill – 1 bunch, mayonnaise.

Unfold the tortilla lavash, grease with mayonnaise and sprinkle with dill. Put peeled, cut into thin slices tomatoes.

Cover with a layer of tomato second tortilla lavash and cheese lubricated President.

The last layer consists of thin sliced salmon. Gently roll in the roll width, then it is beautiful and big. It is advisable to let it soak, for this turning out the roulade in plastic wrap and put in a couple of hours in the fridge.

Only guests over the threshold, removed from the refrigerator our wonderful roll, remove the foil and cut into portions with a thickness of 1 cm and Executed to everyone’s delight served at the table. Bon appetit.

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