Quick salads Salad of crab meat with cucumbers jar(0,8) pickled gherkins 3-6 cm; two packs of crab meat (not sticks); curry (seasoning) mayonnaise Cucumbers cut along the strips, exactly the…

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The most expensive food in the world
The most expensive food in the world Everyone has their own preferences and habits — someone who likes to travel, someone collects art, and someone is willing to pay a…

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Cook together Snacks


1.Cheese snack on the chips 2. Canapes “ladybugs” 3.Quick and tasty snack — an open sandwich with salmon and red caviar! 4.Spicy cheese snack 5.Amazing bees 6. Snack “Muhomorchiki”. 1.Cheese snack chips — fast and original! Ingredients: — 100 g of cheese — 300 g tomatoes — Green

Puff-pastry sticks with ham

Puff-pastry sticks with ham They like sunflower seeds! Simply impossible to stop. Ingredients: 250 g puff dough 55 g raw ham 1 egg Preparation: Puff pastry roll out into a long thin layer so that its width was equal to the length of the strips of ham. Dry-cured ham (Parma ham or jamon) lay on the surface of the dough. Cut the dough with ham across on

Sandwiches with sausage and cheese

Sandwiches with sausage and cheese Ingredients: loaf sausage cheese mayonnaise, ketchup Preparation: Cut the sausage and cheese cubes. Mix the cubes with the mayonnaise. Spread on a lattice (bottom bread, then sausage with cheese) and pour ketchup to taste. Put into the oven for 15 minutes.

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The most unusual dishes of the world

The most unusual dishes of the world

We present you the TOP 5 unusual dishes on the planet.

As a rule, any article which describes any food causes salivation and desire as quickly as possible to prepare such a treat. But after reading the recipes below culinary delights, not everyone will have the desire to record them, and start looking for the ingredients.


For making this one of the most exotic dishes using rotten meat basking shark Greenland. The aroma produced by Haarlem, reminiscent of the disgusting smell that usually do not clean public toilets, and in appearance it looks like a cheese, diced.

If you are still interested, then we inform you that hakarl is found in 2 varieties: 1 — good rotten from stomach, 2 from very rotten muscle tissue. In stores hakarl is sold in packaged form, as we have calamari rings.

In Iceland eating rotten shark meat — it means to be strong and persistent, like a Viking.

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In fact — it seal, stuffed seagulls. To inform you the recipe of this delicacy, usually served as a Christmas dish in some of the most Northern peoples. You need to take the decapitated corpse of a dead seal and his stomach Continue reading

The most unusual rolls and sushi in the world

The most unusual rolls and sushi in the world

These Japanese dishes most people already got used, and today for Russia sushi, of course, are not exotic. However, there are some dishes that may surprise how ordinary citizens and connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine.

How much is the most expensive sushi in the world?

Japanese dish is popular all over the world, including the Philippines, where tourists can visit great places with a very varied menu. Including, you can go to the restaurant located in Manila to sample the most expensive sushi. But be prepared to pay per serving a decent amount of money.

To prepare this dish are used and are very expensive, and readily available ingredients. Includes Italian balsamic vinegar (a must with twelve years of exposure), artesian water (interesting, but also she has a endurance, however, are seventy years!). Also in the present slices of mango, salmon from Norway, foie Gras, crab meat, mayonnaise and rice of course.

On you can find a lot of information about sushi, but it is unlikely most users will want to prepare meals, which offers Filipino restaurant, the fact that the products are not the most expensive part of the dish. That sushi was really original, the chef adds a rare pearl in the quantity of twelve pieces and four diamonds! Continue reading

Two simple recipe of salads
  Printable version Guests who appear from out of the blue — the nightmare of every housewife. An urgent need to feed a whole Horde of people, make this the…

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Exotic dishes of Asia
exotic dishes of Asia How to make wasabi from the powder In a small bowl put 1 teaspoon of wasabi powder and pour as much warm water. Mix vigorously, the…