Colorful and delicious appetizer of herring!
Excellent appetizer of herring! My dear! Yesterday I was surprised by the ingenuity of the housewife. On the table among different Goodies stood out of the dish. On a flat…

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Recipes for every day
Hello dear cooks! On our  you can learn a lot of useful information on the topic of recipes for every day fast. However, if information about recipes for every day…

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Thai kitchen

Thai cuisine is one of the most exotic in the world

Thailand is a country that captures their customs and traditions. It kitchen that uses lots of tropical fruits and vegetables to cook unusual dishes. For example, the local feature is the durian fruit, which, according to residents, there is a spicy pulp, which imparts a unique flavor to the recipe. No wonder Thai cuisine is considered exotic, because in addition to the main ingredients, invested a lot of spices and herbs.

Generally, Thai food is generally spicy, with a pungent aroma. Habitual ginger is used in a whole new light. Lime leaves and lemon will give a unique acidity, and cilantro in the form of seeds or roots will leave behind a feeling of something unknown. Considerable demand bitter peppers.

Method of cooking meat in Thailand does not coincide with our usual methods. Local chefs use so many Eastern spices that you will not be able to make it in my kitchen in the usual setting. You can feel the salt, pepper, curry, but it is unlikely you will spot the nectar of a coconut accompanied by a citrus juice that is used instead of milk and milk products. Side dish of the Chinese prefer rice, despite the fact that in the West Continue reading

Snacks and sandwiches

Delicious snacks in a hurry

Each of us there are times when sudden guests come and need a quick treat, something delicious, nutritious and preferably unusual.

For these dishes are suitable recipes consisting of simple products, almost always present in the house, such as: eggs, bread, butter, sausage, canned fish, cheese, etc, etc. In the Treasury of a good housewife some very simple recipes of snacks. on all occasions.

First appetizer – stuffed eggs.

Quickly prepared, the dish looks tasty and appetizing – satisfying. Cook hard-boiled eggs, cut in half, take out yolk, mash with tuna.

Finely chop the onion, mix with the yolk, add pepper, mayonnaise, salt. Stuffing half the eggs. Arrange on a plate the lettuce leaves, in a circle stuffed eggs in the center of the cut slices of tomatoes. Decoration, olives, sprigs of greenery.

If in the refrigerator there is a sausage or finished slicing, it is possible to wrap rolls . put inside a mixture of grated cheese with boiled egg, herbs, garlic and mayonnaise. You want the sausage was thinly sliced. Chop onion rings and pour boiling water for elasticity. The circle of sausage put cheese and garlic stuffing and sealed with a ring of onion. If you don’t want to mess with a bow, fasten with skewers and toothpicks.

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10 the most delicious dishes from Italy
In today's world a huge number of fans of Italian cuisine, and this is not surprising, because Italy as any other country gave us a lot of delicious dishes. For…

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Recipes of quick and delicious dishes
  What to do if you suddenly descended guests? Summer fellowship is always enjoyable, and if guests have nothing to drink? Still have 15 minutes to prepare a delicious snacks.…